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the bad player series, 2020

A nightly gathering of friends, by the fire place, aged dark red wine, tasteful lavish appetisers… who could have imagined… the unpredictable unravelling

of this cozy night…


The night was reminiscent of small children's gathering "rituals" who while sitting close to each other on the sofas in the living room with warm  

and colourful socks on chewing on crisps, they listen carefully to the one narrating the most ... scary story they have ever heard.


The group of friends in reality are not children, nor is this a children’s story… Soon cigarettes are lit filling the room with thick smoke and a"vital" chess game is about to begin.



The game is played by the pawns, knights, and rooks, but occasionally the players themselves become part of the set... especially for players who don't know how to lose. A game for serial rivals who must always win. A game the winner would have been  far more fortunate to have never started…

featuring: Elli Ioannidi, Rodion Skarvelis, Dimitris Vernardakis, Ted Roussopoulos, Nora

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